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Gramática is a learning platform created for professionals teaching Spanish in Peru. We know that learning a language is a unique way of connecting with people. Our method focuses on Latin American culture and covers real situations in which grammar is a tool for mastering communication skills. The classes use visual material to delve into linguistic components required to express thoughts and practical needs. Our teachers will guide you and encourage you to develop your pronunciation and listening abilities in conversation with native Spanish speakers. We believe in the importance of coaching and human connection while learning a language, especially during the current self-learning software development.

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Our Methodology

Our courses and levels are based on the curriculum framework of the Cervantes Institute but adapted to the Latin American context, as it is an internationally recognized categorization used for accessing academic institutions across the Spanish-speaking world and for official exams such as DELE and SIELE.

Four key aspects often highlighted as advantages of the Instituto Cervantes methodology:

Communicative Approach:

The emphasis on effective communication in real-life situations enhances practical language skills.

Variety of Resources:

The blend of traditional and modern resources tailors learning to diverse preferences and study styles.

Integrated Culture:

The inclusion of cultural elements within lessons enriches the experience and understanding of Spanish.

Recognized Certifications:

DELE and SIELE exams provide internationally accepted certifications to validate Spanish language proficiency.

Our teachers

Renzo Guevara

I am a Spanish teacher with ten years of experience. I have a master’s degree in ELE from the University of Barcelona. I enjoy literature, learning languages, discussing politics, movies, music, history, psychology,neuroscience, and cats!

My goal is to make my students build confidence and create a comfortable environment to learn Spanish effectively. I look forward to meeting you in my classes to achieve your language goals together.

Fernando Pomareda

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Hispanic Studies at McGill University. I have been a Spanish teacher in Cusco, Peru, and multiple online platforms for over thirteen years. My classes not only focus on learning the language’s grammar but also on developing communication skills. I am a published writer and have instructed courses in Latin American literature, art and culture, tools I use to enrich classes and student learning. I enjoy books, movies, music, art, gastronomy, and travel. I am very interested in different cultures and meeting new people.

I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your Spanish journey. Speaks: English, French.

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